Week 8: 14.4 Kgs (31.8 Lbs) down…. 23 Kgs (50Lbs) to go!!

So this week went by a lot better than the last two, and I managed to drop 1.3 Kilos as opposed to the 0.9 kilo I lost in the previous two weeks! I can’t really explain the sudden boost; however I welcomed it with open arms! I still have about 9 weeks left before the wedding in the US and I so desperately need to be in shape for that! I am a realist and I know I most likely will not lose all of my desired weight, but I have to be pretty darn close! Now you might wonder, why the obsession with this wedding, and I will explain it to you. As the Man of Honor (MoH), I will be in almost every picture made, and you just can’t have a big chubster in your wedding pictures, you just can’t 😉 So you see, it’s a pressing matter, one that should not be taken lightly.

Anyway, more about the Diet. The good thing about Dr. Dukan diet is the diversity of things you are able to eat. True, you do end up eating a lot of the same foods, but you really don’t need to! The recipe book is quite extensive and there’s always a new one for you to make. The reason I’m saying this is the fact that I haven’t been bored with the food right now is quite remarkable. In previous diets, I always grew sick of certain ingredients I had to eat every day, but this diet is so diverse, that you really have the option to eat different each day and each week!

I am quite confident in the success of this diet and in my reaching the goal of 38 kilos! This year will be about me and my transformation to a more ‘normal’ posture! I will use this platform to keep communicating about my road to success as it helps me tremendously in coping with my project. When I share with you people, it motivates me to work harder to have an even better result to share with you all next week!

This is it for now, I need to get back to work 😉 One last thing, I received questions from people asking me why this blog is in English. Reason is that my friends in the US are also reading this, and I just don’t want to write and translate. So it’s good practice of English for my Dutch friends, and convenient for my US friends.

Have a great, healthy and inspired week everyone!



About dirksdukanexperience

This blog is about my lifelong struggle with obesity and nutrition. I decided that the year 2011 should bring me something good and instead of waiting for this to happen, why not make it happen myself? I decided to turn a new leaf and start on (yet another) new diet that I heard such raving reviews about: The Dr. Dukan Diet. Read all about my road to my ideal goal weight, and the struggles and achievements that undoubtly will accompany me on this journey. Happy reading and I hope this blog will inspire someone out there to start making that important change in his/her life. If that happens, I will not have done this for nothing. Live well, eat healthy! Love, Dirk
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