WEEK 6 & 7 : Almost a complete and full stop!! 900 grams in TWO WEEKS!!

So I have been busy, and I didn’t want to share last week, which I regret and will never happen again, but anyway, I have somewhat stopped losing weight. I don’t know really what brought this on, but I keep balancing between 116 and 114 kilos. One day, its 116.1, the next its 114.2 and so on.

I’m thinking my body is taking the physical excercise quite harsh and is not burning as much as it should. I have tried every plot in the book, but it is not happenin’

I did however start to measure my waist and chest, and I do seem to be losing some centimeters there! I guess I just have to keep having faith, but its getting hard.

So since the last time we spoke, two weeks ago, I have managed to lose (as of this moring) an additional 900 grams, so nearly 1 kilo, which is of course, given my track record with this diet, a quite ridiculous amount. But I am focusing on the positive, which is that at least, I ain’t gaining weight!!.

I HAVE TO get in shape for this wedding I am attending in the US in May, so I have 10 more weeks to seal the deal. I am confident this is GOING TO HAPPEN

It’s just a short post today cuz I am crazy busy at work, but keep me posted on your experiences and leave a comment!

Ciao! Dirk


About dirksdukanexperience

This blog is about my lifelong struggle with obesity and nutrition. I decided that the year 2011 should bring me something good and instead of waiting for this to happen, why not make it happen myself? I decided to turn a new leaf and start on (yet another) new diet that I heard such raving reviews about: The Dr. Dukan Diet. Read all about my road to my ideal goal weight, and the struggles and achievements that undoubtly will accompany me on this journey. Happy reading and I hope this blog will inspire someone out there to start making that important change in his/her life. If that happens, I will not have done this for nothing. Live well, eat healthy! Love, Dirk
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