Week 5 : Total Weightloss: 12.3 Kgs (27 LBs)

Dear reader,

This week has been one with ups and downs, but thankfully more ups than downs! Again I have had my fair share of temptation, followed by nights of self misery and binge attacks. Luckily, I was able to control myself and not get into anything crazy. As last week went by with only 800 grams of weight loss, this week went a little better with 1.2 kgs. I know that I should be very happy about this, because my body is still losing weight at a considered ‘normal and healthy’ rate, however I long for those 2 kilo + weeks where it all went so much faster.

But, as they say, it is much  better to lose the additional weight in a gradual manner and hopefully leave no stretch marks or any other discomfort like loose (excessive skin) etc.

Touching on that subject, that is something that I am very worried about. I know that I will continue this diet until I have reached my goal and beyond, however I do need to seriously step up my work out routine in order to keep what it left of my skin elasticity.

So my friend Ine, whom I visited just a few days ago, showed me some kick-ass workout exercises which focus mainly on the abdomen area. Cuz you know I gotta get that six-pack and let’s throw in those moneymakers as well!

So you see, with the considerable weight I have lost already, come new problems to the surface. I will need to come up with a plan for that as well. All it boils down to is finding a work-out buddy because I have to admit that working out by yourself is boring as anything and will not motivate me in the long haul. So spread the word, if you know anyone in my area who wants to work out with me, let me know!

I will leave you for now, and apologize for the one day delay, as yesterday was crazy busy! Hope you enjoyed reading the story and please, share your comments / suggestions / own food grievances if you please!

Ciao! Dirk


About dirksdukanexperience

This blog is about my lifelong struggle with obesity and nutrition. I decided that the year 2011 should bring me something good and instead of waiting for this to happen, why not make it happen myself? I decided to turn a new leaf and start on (yet another) new diet that I heard such raving reviews about: The Dr. Dukan Diet. Read all about my road to my ideal goal weight, and the struggles and achievements that undoubtly will accompany me on this journey. Happy reading and I hope this blog will inspire someone out there to start making that important change in his/her life. If that happens, I will not have done this for nothing. Live well, eat healthy! Love, Dirk
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