The first two weeks: 8Kgs (17.6Lbs) lost!!

So after my bio (which I tried to keep as brief as possible) here’s the rundown of the first two weeks of this Dukan Diet I have engaged in:


So I have done almost every diet known to mankind (figure of speach of course). I have gone from Atkins, to Herbalife, to KarindeZoete, to Godnowswhat. First off, I have nothing against previous stated diet methods, because I believe they all have a way of working, and in some degree, they did for me. It was just my mindset and my uncontrollable eating habits that ruined every single one of them. So before going with you through the first two weeks, know that it really isn’t the diet that is key, but they key is switching that big old knob in your brains and know that you are truly ready to make that change, to commit to become a better version of yourself. If that works, then the Diet just becomes a guide through this change in your life. I believe this time around, I have switched that knob of mine, and am truly committed to become a much better, slimmer version of my old self. And to anyone who says that its not about looks at all, that the biggest bullshit known to man and you may as well discontinue reading this blog and never come back. Because it is very well about looking good, I have never heard anyone going on a diet without the ultimate goal of getting a better look. (except of course those who are fighting a disease, which is of course completely different). This blog is about having a choice, and finally making the right one!

Week 1

So after New Years, with thanksgiving, Christmas and all the other food stuffing holidays behind, I decided that my reflection in the mirror was sooo 2010 and was not fit for the 2011 fashion. Unfortunately, man cannot drop weight overnight so I have to start 2011 with all this unsightly fatness, but hopefully not for long. I had read about the Dr. Dukan diet method and I liked the fact that this diet was so simple. Simple in the sense of “here’s what you can eat and when, and here’s what not”. No number crunching and counting calories and endless worrying if you can eat some more or not, just simple guidelines and that’s that! Also, having spent a fortune on numerous diets, this one is just free. Just buy the Diet book and the recipe book (together less than 20EUR) and you are good to go! Also a very nice incentive!

So the first week is the attack phase and what an attack it is. Even though you are extremely motivated the first week so you can do about anything on willpower alone, I noticed my body fighting for dear life to hang on to the old lifestyle. As there are basically three food types; Fat, Sugar and proteins, taking two of them out of the equation is tough on your body. It’s like quitting smoking, but ten times worse!! My body was aching for sugar and some good old butter and mayo! But, like I said, I have never felt stronger in my entire life, ready to take on this challenge so I played by the book and with what result!! Dayum!! I lost 5.8 KGS (12.5Lbs) the first week!!!! I am ashamed to say this, but I have to be honest here, so I will go ahead and do it: I have to lose 38 Kgs (86Lbs) with this diet and my goal weight is 90Kgs (200Lbs) so go figure where I started. It’s embarrassing for a guy who’s 26! But the scale becomes your best friend, it really does. I went a little crazy and started an excel spreadsheet, measuring my every day weight and Body Fat percentages, BMI’s etc etc. I realized that only the first week was gonna be as crazy as this one, so I am not expecting 5.8KGS each week, which would also not be very healthy. DO TAKE NOTE, constipation will come for you, and I am unfortunately ‘blessed’ with an irritable bowel syndrome so this one was so bad, I had to take a sick day from work. But the scale did cheer me up 😉

Week 2

So week 2 couldn’t have a better start, because believe me or not, but even for such a fattie like me, nearly 6Kgs will already make a change in the fit of your clothes. Some of them fit better, and some pants do feel a little loose. How great is that! I am gonna be the joke of the town the coming months as I intend not to buy any clothes until I am at my goal weight. (please not this does not count for shoes, feet don’t slim down so I can fill the shopping void with Shoes and accessories). Luckily for me, I have some clothes in my walk-in that currently do not fit me so I cannot wait for the day I can again! Week two went as great as week 1, and on Wednesday in week 2, I could add some vegetables to my food again, which was welcomed by me with open arms! Right now I am in the cruise phase of the diet which means I eat proteins only every other day, combined with veggies every other day. As suspected, this week was not as spectacular in weight loss, but I managed to lose an additional 2.2 KGS which puts my total loss for two weeks at 8 Kgs (17.6Lbs)! Not a bad result I might add.

I will stop writing now, as you may have noticed I tend to want to tell too much in too little space, so please forgive me. I would love to hear from fellow dieters out there who are struggling just like me to become good-looking 😉 Please tell me if you want to hear more or if you want me to write about some other aspects of dieting, I am open to suggestions!

For now, please leave comments and remember to eat healthy. With everything you eat, ask yourself: DO I NEED THIS TO NOURISH MYSELF, OR DO I WANT THIS TO SATISFY MYSELF. Key question if you ask me.

Ciao, Dirk


About dirksdukanexperience

This blog is about my lifelong struggle with obesity and nutrition. I decided that the year 2011 should bring me something good and instead of waiting for this to happen, why not make it happen myself? I decided to turn a new leaf and start on (yet another) new diet that I heard such raving reviews about: The Dr. Dukan Diet. Read all about my road to my ideal goal weight, and the struggles and achievements that undoubtly will accompany me on this journey. Happy reading and I hope this blog will inspire someone out there to start making that important change in his/her life. If that happens, I will not have done this for nothing. Live well, eat healthy! Love, Dirk
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