My First Blog Post

Dear Reader,

I write this not knowing if someone is ever going to read any of this, but what the heck, for now let’s just assume someone does.

In this first blogpost, I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Dirk Kranendonk and I am a food addict. There, I said it. People in general really underestimate food addiction or don’t see it in comparison with Alchol or Drug addictions, but trust me, the concequences are as bad as any other! But that was not at all what I wanted to start out with!

So I am currently 26 years old and on top of my game. At least I am supposed to be. I am a college graduate from Eastern Kentucky University, however I am a Dutch native, born in Rotterdam the Netherlands. I just took a major detour with my life by taking the opportunity to do part of my bachelors studies abroad, and where else to it than in Kentucky. I am not going into that about that now, since this site is supposed to go about food and dieting. To finish my bio, I work in the Automotive chemical industry as a marketing professional for and American firm and currently reside in beautiful Ridderkerk, the Netherlands. I bought an apartment there about a year ago and am living the life! The fat life that is.

I am gonna cut this one short and write a new blog about just the diet and the struggles of which right after. Just so people can skip my bio and go straight to the good stuff 😉

So see ya in a minute!



About dirksdukanexperience

This blog is about my lifelong struggle with obesity and nutrition. I decided that the year 2011 should bring me something good and instead of waiting for this to happen, why not make it happen myself? I decided to turn a new leaf and start on (yet another) new diet that I heard such raving reviews about: The Dr. Dukan Diet. Read all about my road to my ideal goal weight, and the struggles and achievements that undoubtly will accompany me on this journey. Happy reading and I hope this blog will inspire someone out there to start making that important change in his/her life. If that happens, I will not have done this for nothing. Live well, eat healthy! Love, Dirk
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