Week 8: 14.4 Kgs (31.8 Lbs) down…. 23 Kgs (50Lbs) to go!!

So this week went by a lot better than the last two, and I managed to drop 1.3 Kilos as opposed to the 0.9 kilo I lost in the previous two weeks! I can’t really explain the sudden boost; however I welcomed it with open arms! I still have about 9 weeks left before the wedding in the US and I so desperately need to be in shape for that! I am a realist and I know I most likely will not lose all of my desired weight, but I have to be pretty darn close! Now you might wonder, why the obsession with this wedding, and I will explain it to you. As the Man of Honor (MoH), I will be in almost every picture made, and you just can’t have a big chubster in your wedding pictures, you just can’t 😉 So you see, it’s a pressing matter, one that should not be taken lightly.

Anyway, more about the Diet. The good thing about Dr. Dukan diet is the diversity of things you are able to eat. True, you do end up eating a lot of the same foods, but you really don’t need to! The recipe book is quite extensive and there’s always a new one for you to make. The reason I’m saying this is the fact that I haven’t been bored with the food right now is quite remarkable. In previous diets, I always grew sick of certain ingredients I had to eat every day, but this diet is so diverse, that you really have the option to eat different each day and each week!

I am quite confident in the success of this diet and in my reaching the goal of 38 kilos! This year will be about me and my transformation to a more ‘normal’ posture! I will use this platform to keep communicating about my road to success as it helps me tremendously in coping with my project. When I share with you people, it motivates me to work harder to have an even better result to share with you all next week!

This is it for now, I need to get back to work 😉 One last thing, I received questions from people asking me why this blog is in English. Reason is that my friends in the US are also reading this, and I just don’t want to write and translate. So it’s good practice of English for my Dutch friends, and convenient for my US friends.

Have a great, healthy and inspired week everyone!


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WEEK 6 & 7 : Almost a complete and full stop!! 900 grams in TWO WEEKS!!

So I have been busy, and I didn’t want to share last week, which I regret and will never happen again, but anyway, I have somewhat stopped losing weight. I don’t know really what brought this on, but I keep balancing between 116 and 114 kilos. One day, its 116.1, the next its 114.2 and so on.

I’m thinking my body is taking the physical excercise quite harsh and is not burning as much as it should. I have tried every plot in the book, but it is not happenin’

I did however start to measure my waist and chest, and I do seem to be losing some centimeters there! I guess I just have to keep having faith, but its getting hard.

So since the last time we spoke, two weeks ago, I have managed to lose (as of this moring) an additional 900 grams, so nearly 1 kilo, which is of course, given my track record with this diet, a quite ridiculous amount. But I am focusing on the positive, which is that at least, I ain’t gaining weight!!.

I HAVE TO get in shape for this wedding I am attending in the US in May, so I have 10 more weeks to seal the deal. I am confident this is GOING TO HAPPEN

It’s just a short post today cuz I am crazy busy at work, but keep me posted on your experiences and leave a comment!

Ciao! Dirk

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Week 5 : Total Weightloss: 12.3 Kgs (27 LBs)

Dear reader,

This week has been one with ups and downs, but thankfully more ups than downs! Again I have had my fair share of temptation, followed by nights of self misery and binge attacks. Luckily, I was able to control myself and not get into anything crazy. As last week went by with only 800 grams of weight loss, this week went a little better with 1.2 kgs. I know that I should be very happy about this, because my body is still losing weight at a considered ‘normal and healthy’ rate, however I long for those 2 kilo + weeks where it all went so much faster.

But, as they say, it is much  better to lose the additional weight in a gradual manner and hopefully leave no stretch marks or any other discomfort like loose (excessive skin) etc.

Touching on that subject, that is something that I am very worried about. I know that I will continue this diet until I have reached my goal and beyond, however I do need to seriously step up my work out routine in order to keep what it left of my skin elasticity.

So my friend Ine, whom I visited just a few days ago, showed me some kick-ass workout exercises which focus mainly on the abdomen area. Cuz you know I gotta get that six-pack and let’s throw in those moneymakers as well!

So you see, with the considerable weight I have lost already, come new problems to the surface. I will need to come up with a plan for that as well. All it boils down to is finding a work-out buddy because I have to admit that working out by yourself is boring as anything and will not motivate me in the long haul. So spread the word, if you know anyone in my area who wants to work out with me, let me know!

I will leave you for now, and apologize for the one day delay, as yesterday was crazy busy! Hope you enjoyed reading the story and please, share your comments / suggestions / own food grievances if you please!

Ciao! Dirk

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Week 4: Total weightloss: 11.1 Kilo’s (25 Lbs)

So this week has ended with rather disappointing results, I have to say. Luckily for me, I know the cause of this which is why I have the power to do something about it.

It all started on Wednesday night when I had visitors coming over. I baked one of my famous turban cakes, but of course this was way too much for just the two visitors. So I decided, after having a few crumbs of the cake myself, that I would wrap it up and have my visitors take it home with them, so I wouldn’t be tempted. The same went for the Pringles I had given them. However, even those few crumbs was enough to experience that oh-so-missed sugary taste and before I knew it, I was attacking the chocolates on my coffee table (even though I really don’t like them). When this was done, I switched to the cookies which are also there for display purposes only. All in all, it leaves little to the imagination to figure out what the scale was going to show me that night and the next morning. It really is true what Dr. Dukan says in his book: you have to follow this diet to the letter in order for it to work. If not, your system will be disrupted and the results will disappoint you. So I took the next three days to recover and re-loose the weight I lost prior to the binge on Wednesday. However disaster struck again on Saturday when I went to dinner with my family after a concert. My brother, who’s also on a diet (different one) was buying us all and so it was hard to stay strong. So I ordered a Carpacchio with just the sliced meat and arugola lettuce, which was very strong, however I couldn’t resist the fresh baked breads that came with. I just had to have one and of course one turned into two. I kept strong throughout the meal with my main course and I skipped desert which is huge for me as it is my favorite part of the meal.

Needless to say, the scale tipped again in the wrong direction and so it was time for drastic measures. I went the entire Sunday without food and only allowed myself some yoghurt when the going got tough. This morning, I lost all the weight I gained over the week, plus 800 grams (2Lbs). All in all not a terrific weight loss given my track record of the past three weeks, however I have to stay positive and realize that I at least lost some weight after the crazy binges I’d let myself have this week.
Coming week will be a lot better, as there are no lunches, dinners or whatsoever planned. I hopefully will be able to update my blog next week with another spectacular weight loss success story.

Thanks everyone for your support through e-mail and your comments, and let me know how you are coping with getting rid of all that extra Holiday weight!

Ciao! Dirk

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Week 3: 10.3 Kgs / 23Lbs lost!!

Ok, so it has been another week since I’ve been here, so it’s time for a little update. Week 3 of my Dukan diet experience went by with some agony and distress! As my official weighing point is on Monday morning, I noticed on Thursday that I really had not lost all that much weight just yet.  I was concerned the days of a full stop (which Dr. Dukan describes in his book) had arrived. So naturally, I had to come up with a plan. I decided that my body was protesting and preserving all the food because it wasn’t getting as much anymore as it used to. So to stir up some trouble, I started eating a lot on the days where I had to restrict myself to protein & vegetables, which means I ate tons of chicken, meat, lettuce, and other products that were allowed. Boiled eggs, wrapped them in smoked turkey and ham, and ate it as a snack at night and so on. The next day, the protein only day, I refrained from eating a lot, just ate the bare essentials and basically starving myself to the point where I just went to bed early so I would not be hungry anymore.

Now, all of the above is self taught and may not necessarily be ‘Dr. Dukan approved’ but it worked its charm. After the two days had passed, I already lost 1.6 kilos and kicked my body back into its weight loss routine.

Now some other things that require a lot of personal strength are social situations such as birthdays, business lunches & diners, receptions, weddings etc.

This week, I had the pleasure of having two birthdays in a row. As (bad)luck would have it, my favorite cake is a hazelnut cream cake, and of course that’s the cake my family ordered on my brothers b-day. So at 3:00 pm, we all gathered to drink coffee and have some amazing cake, and this guy was sitting in, ‘n-joying’ a bowl of fat free, skim yoghurt. I’m telling you, life is not fair!!

Anyways, it all pays off to be strict and follow your diet to the letter, because here we are, Monday morning, exactly three weeks after I first started with Dr. Dukan, and I have lost a dazzling 10.3 kilos / 23 Lbs! My dad isn’t the most supporting of characters, so he said he’s doubtful I’ll make it to my goal weight and has even put some money on it. It’s a bet I am willing to take this time and I WILL PROVE HIM WRONG!!

By for now, please share your stories in the comment boxes or send me an e-mail. Would love to hear from fellow warriors out there!

 – Dirk

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The first two weeks: 8Kgs (17.6Lbs) lost!!

So after my bio (which I tried to keep as brief as possible) here’s the rundown of the first two weeks of this Dukan Diet I have engaged in:


So I have done almost every diet known to mankind (figure of speach of course). I have gone from Atkins, to Herbalife, to KarindeZoete, to Godnowswhat. First off, I have nothing against previous stated diet methods, because I believe they all have a way of working, and in some degree, they did for me. It was just my mindset and my uncontrollable eating habits that ruined every single one of them. So before going with you through the first two weeks, know that it really isn’t the diet that is key, but they key is switching that big old knob in your brains and know that you are truly ready to make that change, to commit to become a better version of yourself. If that works, then the Diet just becomes a guide through this change in your life. I believe this time around, I have switched that knob of mine, and am truly committed to become a much better, slimmer version of my old self. And to anyone who says that its not about looks at all, that the biggest bullshit known to man and you may as well discontinue reading this blog and never come back. Because it is very well about looking good, I have never heard anyone going on a diet without the ultimate goal of getting a better look. (except of course those who are fighting a disease, which is of course completely different). This blog is about having a choice, and finally making the right one!

Week 1

So after New Years, with thanksgiving, Christmas and all the other food stuffing holidays behind, I decided that my reflection in the mirror was sooo 2010 and was not fit for the 2011 fashion. Unfortunately, man cannot drop weight overnight so I have to start 2011 with all this unsightly fatness, but hopefully not for long. I had read about the Dr. Dukan diet method and I liked the fact that this diet was so simple. Simple in the sense of “here’s what you can eat and when, and here’s what not”. No number crunching and counting calories and endless worrying if you can eat some more or not, just simple guidelines and that’s that! Also, having spent a fortune on numerous diets, this one is just free. Just buy the Diet book and the recipe book (together less than 20EUR) and you are good to go! Also a very nice incentive!

So the first week is the attack phase and what an attack it is. Even though you are extremely motivated the first week so you can do about anything on willpower alone, I noticed my body fighting for dear life to hang on to the old lifestyle. As there are basically three food types; Fat, Sugar and proteins, taking two of them out of the equation is tough on your body. It’s like quitting smoking, but ten times worse!! My body was aching for sugar and some good old butter and mayo! But, like I said, I have never felt stronger in my entire life, ready to take on this challenge so I played by the book and with what result!! Dayum!! I lost 5.8 KGS (12.5Lbs) the first week!!!! I am ashamed to say this, but I have to be honest here, so I will go ahead and do it: I have to lose 38 Kgs (86Lbs) with this diet and my goal weight is 90Kgs (200Lbs) so go figure where I started. It’s embarrassing for a guy who’s 26! But the scale becomes your best friend, it really does. I went a little crazy and started an excel spreadsheet, measuring my every day weight and Body Fat percentages, BMI’s etc etc. I realized that only the first week was gonna be as crazy as this one, so I am not expecting 5.8KGS each week, which would also not be very healthy. DO TAKE NOTE, constipation will come for you, and I am unfortunately ‘blessed’ with an irritable bowel syndrome so this one was so bad, I had to take a sick day from work. But the scale did cheer me up 😉

Week 2

So week 2 couldn’t have a better start, because believe me or not, but even for such a fattie like me, nearly 6Kgs will already make a change in the fit of your clothes. Some of them fit better, and some pants do feel a little loose. How great is that! I am gonna be the joke of the town the coming months as I intend not to buy any clothes until I am at my goal weight. (please not this does not count for shoes, feet don’t slim down so I can fill the shopping void with Shoes and accessories). Luckily for me, I have some clothes in my walk-in that currently do not fit me so I cannot wait for the day I can again! Week two went as great as week 1, and on Wednesday in week 2, I could add some vegetables to my food again, which was welcomed by me with open arms! Right now I am in the cruise phase of the diet which means I eat proteins only every other day, combined with veggies every other day. As suspected, this week was not as spectacular in weight loss, but I managed to lose an additional 2.2 KGS which puts my total loss for two weeks at 8 Kgs (17.6Lbs)! Not a bad result I might add.

I will stop writing now, as you may have noticed I tend to want to tell too much in too little space, so please forgive me. I would love to hear from fellow dieters out there who are struggling just like me to become good-looking 😉 Please tell me if you want to hear more or if you want me to write about some other aspects of dieting, I am open to suggestions!

For now, please leave comments and remember to eat healthy. With everything you eat, ask yourself: DO I NEED THIS TO NOURISH MYSELF, OR DO I WANT THIS TO SATISFY MYSELF. Key question if you ask me.

Ciao, Dirk

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My First Blog Post

Dear Reader,

I write this not knowing if someone is ever going to read any of this, but what the heck, for now let’s just assume someone does.

In this first blogpost, I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Dirk Kranendonk and I am a food addict. There, I said it. People in general really underestimate food addiction or don’t see it in comparison with Alchol or Drug addictions, but trust me, the concequences are as bad as any other! But that was not at all what I wanted to start out with!

So I am currently 26 years old and on top of my game. At least I am supposed to be. I am a college graduate from Eastern Kentucky University, however I am a Dutch native, born in Rotterdam the Netherlands. I just took a major detour with my life by taking the opportunity to do part of my bachelors studies abroad, and where else to it than in Kentucky. I am not going into that about that now, since this site is supposed to go about food and dieting. To finish my bio, I work in the Automotive chemical industry as a marketing professional for and American firm and currently reside in beautiful Ridderkerk, the Netherlands. I bought an apartment there about a year ago and am living the life! The fat life that is.

I am gonna cut this one short and write a new blog about just the diet and the struggles of which right after. Just so people can skip my bio and go straight to the good stuff 😉

So see ya in a minute!


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